The RAMS Behavior

They live among a bachelor herd—meeting the female ewes only during mating season. During this season, the tension between these male sheep builds as they fight for dominance. Usually, the older and stronger ones win and are able to mate more successfully.

Bighorn sheep live in herds or bands of about 5 to 15 ewes, lambs, yearlings, and two-year olds. Groups of males are much smaller, usually numbering two to five. In the winter, the ewe herds join to create bands of as many as 100 animals.

In the fall, the rams compete for ewes by having butting contests. They charge each other at speeds of more than 20 mph, their foreheads crashing with a crack that can be heard more than a mile away. These battles may last as long as 24 hours.

Mating Season: November and December.
Gestation: 5-6 months.
Offspring: 1 lamb.

Lambs are born with a soft, woolly, light-colored coats and small hornbuds. Within a day, a lamb can walk and climb as well as its mother. A lamb will stay with its mother for the first year of its life.