Habits of The Rams

Bighorn sheep have very good eyesight, which allows them to judge distances accurately when jumping, according to the University of Michgan’s Animal Diversity Web (ADW). They also watch animals as far as a mile away.

Herds are separated by gender. Females live in nursery herds, with five to 100 members, which include adult females and lambs of both genders. Male-only bachelor herds usually contain five to 50 rams at one time, and they sometimes engage in homosexual activity, according to ADW.

Rams fight to decide who will be the dominant male in their group. During the fight, the males will face each other, rear up on their back legs and crash their huge horns into each other. Sometimes they charge as fast as 40 mph (64 km/h). Eventually, one of the rams ends up submitting and the winner is the new leader. This process can take hours.

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