About RAMS

About The RAMS

Ram is correct term for the male bighorn sheep. These animals are named for their large, curved horns they use to show dominance. Bighorn sheep are found in North American mountains ranging from Canada to New Mexico Male bighorns can weigh between 127 to 316 pounds (58 to 143 kg) and stand 5 to 6 … Read More…

RAMS Physical Characterstics

Physical Characteristics of The RAMS

A ram is a male sheep—the slang term being “buck.” Rams are always full-grown males and generally have the same characteristics and diet as other sheep, but they differ in terms of the habitat in which they live. Most species of rams are wild; however, many are also domesticated and kept on … Read More…

RAM Types and Description

Desert Ram Types & Description

Perhaps when you think of sheep, you think of rolling hills of grass and herds quietly grazing while a shepherd looks on. However, the grassy green meadows of wetter climates are not the only habitat of sheep — they also roam some of the world’s deserts. And, just like their meadow-dwelling … Read More…